AC NOT WORKING on 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

After driving awhile in the heat, the AC in my 98 intrigue just suddenly stopped working. Shortly after that, the belt snapped and my power steering went out. I already replaced a bad sensor. What else do I need to replace?

by in Albuquerque, NM on August 03, 2013
0 answers
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Mechanic said there's a belt in there that the car needs to run. I never heard of a car not working unless the compressor is replaced. It will cost 698.
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blower on ac/heater would work sometimes. the last and final time it went out it was on high and blowing cold ac and it all the sudden started to fade and quit working.
Hello everyone. I have a 2000 oldsmobile intrigue and now it doesnt blow any air out when i turn the ac or heat on. First it started when i tryed turning it on the level 1 or 2 and it wouldnt blow ...
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