A/C not blowing cold air on 1992 Buick Park Avenue

I have replaced the air compressor the orifice tube and the dryer. I had air for about 3 weeks now it is barely cool. I get cool air on the driver side and warm air on the passenger side what is the problem. Check the freon and it is showing fully charged

by in Memphis, TN on August 09, 2012
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ANSWER by on August 09, 2012
ck your orfice tube for debri. your system may have been full of metal from old compressor and plugged it. did you clean system with a/c flush kit?
COMMENT by on August 09, 2012
The orifice tube would not cause cold air out of some vents. It would seem to be a problem with the mix doors, or elec. control
COMMENT by on August 09, 2012
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