a/c not blowing at all on 1999 Ford Taurus

I replaced my motor blower to see if that might be the issue and still doesnt even turn on. I have researched and am trying to see if it just might be one of my switches. Ive looked over my repair manual and i can not find the location or any information on how to check or remove to replace. should i check something else? dont know where to go from here.

by in Clute, TX on January 31, 2012
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ANSWER by on January 31, 2012
ck to see if you have power and ground at the blower itself with the switch on.
COMMENT by on January 31, 2012
could i do that with just a simple volt meter? so check the connectors also?
COMMENT by on January 31, 2012
Yes thats what globalhelper means. Check at the blower motor connector for 12 VDC on high speed. Yes use a volt meter.
COMMENT by on January 31, 2012
ok tyvm for the help as soon as it stops raining i'll definately give it a go.. thanks for all the help i greatly appreciate it. i am new to repairing cars but i really love to learn and im slowing getting into doing my own repairs. thanks a lot for everything .
COMMENT by on January 31, 2012
yes you can or a cheap test light
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