a/c noise on 2006 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

after running my a/c and shutting the engine off a loud clicking noise by the passenger side is loud and heard for about a minute, can be heard from outside the car!

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Please update your question to add the following information: Can you tell if the noise is coming from inside or outside of the car on the passenger side?
Perhaps the A/C relay is cycling after the engine is turned off causing the A/C clutch to cycle of and on causing a "clicking" noise. If you can try looking under the hood when the noise is occurring perhaps you can pinpoint where it is coming from. I have never heard anything such as you are describing. Any information you can give regarding the exact location of the noise would be a help in trying to determine the case.
If the noise is coming from the inside - behind the glove box the most likely cause would be a faulty a/c mode or temperature door actuator. There are 3-4 actuators depending on the system. The only way to isolate which one is makeing the noise is to unpug the electrical connector from each one, one at a time. If the noise goes away when one of the actuators is unplugged that would be the one causing the problem. The faulty acutator will need to be replaced to correct the noise.
I experienced the same thing. I changed mine out and it fixed the clicking noise I heard. I would bet it is the A/C actuator too. Part was not much at all, but getting to the old one and installing the new one under and behind passenger dashboard was a bit of a task.
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I also have this Problem...When you open the hood it sounds like it might be coming from the outside of the car...
The noise is definitely coming from inside the car, from behind the glove compartment...Someone else mentioned the A/C relay, but what would cause it to keep cycling...
If the clicking is comming from behind the glove box chances are one of the mode or temperature door actuators has failed.