A/C Module Control on 1995 Mercedes-Benz C220

what part will be needed to repair the A/C.
The Main problem that i have is that the A/C is not working properly. A/c will star working and cold air will blow. but after a minute warm heat will star flowing.
would the a/c module control be the solution to have the a/c to work normally

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The problem is the Evaporator Temp Sensor.
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Electronically controlled a/c systems have become so complex that it can be many different things that can cause the system to act up. Your best bet is finding a shop that is very familiar with your vehicle, they will check it out and may have a very good idea of where to look.
There is an aircon filter located below the compartment. Clean the filter with air compressor. If the dirt or dust has hardened, replace your filter.