AC leaks on passenger side on 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt

I love my cobalt, for the most part, but ever since I've owned it there has been a water leak from under the dash on the passenger side. When my car was still barely under warranty I took it to the dealer and they couldn't find the problem, of course it wouldn't leak for them. Over the years this problem has gotten worse. This year I had to use the wet-dry vac to vacuum up about 1/2 inch of standing water. I have noticed that if the window is cracked open while the ac is on I get about 1 drip per second. If the windows are closed the drip tapers down to 1 every 5-10 seconds. What is the problem? I can't afford to take it to the dealer to be fixed as I haven't had a job for 2 years but this is really getting irritating! My car now has a moldy smell which is unhealthy. Is there anything that I can do myself?

by in Coldwater, MI on July 02, 2010
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ANSWER by , July 02, 2010
There's a problem with the evaporator drain, it's possibly plugged or disconnected. If you had it at the dealer for this problem and you still have the receipt for that complaint, then I would take it back to them and show them the leak and see if they'll help you out. I'm not sure where the drain is so I can't direct you to how to check it, sorry. Perhaps someone might know and they'll help answer your question. Good Luck
ANSWER by , July 06, 2011
I'm the originator of this question. My car had some front end damage last winter and I had to have a new radiator and ac condensor put in. I don't know if the drain was unclogged then but I have had my ac running several times so far this summer and I'm happy to report that I haven't had one single leak inside. Pretty costly way to fix it but at least it's fixed!
ANSWER by , August 29, 2010
my cobalt has the same problem and i believe there is a blockage in your air conditioning drain plug. if you turn up your a/c you shoud still see some water dripping onto the ground below the car. i am going to try and follow this drip and see if the drain plug is clogged.
ANSWER by , July 06, 2011
U frain plug is more than likely clogged if u look on the passenger side in the engine compartment about tire high yourll see a little plastic plug unclogg that and see if it helps
ANSWER by , September 30, 2010
I have the same problem. I put a plastic butter tub on the passenger floor to catch the water. Anyone know if this has a recall on it?
ANSWER by , October 11, 2014
My drain is clean & dreining but still leaking on pass floor what else could it be
COMMENT by , April 09, 2015
If you have snaked out your drain plug and it still leaks inside, the gasket for your ac/heater core housing is probably worn out. It is located under the dash on the passenger side behind the fan motor, near the center. I am about tho have to do the same to my wife's.