a/c is working but not blowing on 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

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my 2005 chrysler town and country a/c is working because you can hear it kick in, but its not blowing the air out. i dont have rear air. if you get up to about 50 mph or faster the cold air seeps out and you can feel it then. before it stopped working you could smell somehting like rubber burning inside the van is this the motor that possibly burned out or what please help, its getting hot in missouri.
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I had the same problem with mine. Found that there is a switch which is located behind the passanger side glove box ( open the glove box, empty it, and push the rear arms end and then let the glove box hang down) The part is located behind the glove box. Use a wrench and un-screw the part and replace with a new one. Should cost under $20. The blower should work again. The dealer wanted over $100 just to look at it. Hope this helps.
This could be the blower motor not working and the smell could have been the internals of the motor shorting out. You need to test the blower motor:
here is a good source with electrical diagrams
thanks i will look into that, without purchasing a repair manual is there a short cut to getting to the blower motor, i dont know if it me or what but i cant get to the back mounting bolt, it seems like its buried by the floor board.