2006 Hummer H3 Q&A

2006 Hummer H3 Question: a/c heater fan not working

my a/c heater fan quit working, the fuses are ok. what could be wrong -
Answer 1
my a/c stop working in my hummer h3 -
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Same thing happened with me I'm told my fan motor went out - and it's going to cost 500 to replace - -
Answer 2
I had same thing happen, it was a loose wire in the harness behind the glove box. I moved it around till it came back on and it has woked ever since (4mths) -
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The same thing happened and we too moved it around and it worked for several months and now the same problem. Regardless of how much I move the wires, it's not making a connections. Going to try the harness replacement. See if that works. -
Answer 3
I went through this back in the summer. It appears the wiring harness going to the resistor on the blower motor is faulty. Mine got hot and melted part of the plug. Got a replacement harness from the dealer and it has worked fine ever since. -
Answer 4
same thing happened to me Hummer said it would be about $500 for them to fix, parts were 125 installed it myself worked for 6 months and today coldest day of the year the heating element burned out again! Just one of the many problems with this GM, H3's are junk -
Answer 5
Had the same thing happen to me. Had the Fan Diode burn out which aslo melted the harnees to the fan. Had replaced at dealer at a cost of $336.00. (Diode $300.00) -
Answer 6
Same thing happened to our 2006 H3. the fan motor stopped working, but then started again and then stopped again (about 5 times) then finally quit for good.. The problem was with a shorting fan harness wire which in most cases throws the resistor out with it.. I have seen this problem as a certified mechanic hundreds of times and my opinion this is a recall issue due to the shorting out wires and the placement of the wireing harness which takes the path of some bad engineering and has set itself up to fail... This could cause a dangerous problem and could result in a fire... I am asking the manufacture to look into this problem and consider a recall... I think everyone else should do the same thing so the manufacture is made aware of the safety issue.. not to mention the expense that the owner puts out to fix the problem.. -
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has there been a recall for this as mine now has the same problem -
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My Hummer did the same thing this weekend and my hubby who is a mechanic found the same issue. The wiring harness was melted to the resistor. I am so irritated to see that this hasn't been recalled and there are so many with the same issue. -
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Same thing for me too. Do you thing a non-mechanic person could fix it? :) -
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I found this. It looks simple. I hope it helps. http://youtu.be/n4lv3ZLWONQ -