AC heater on 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse

my 1996 ecipse gs-t when I turn on the heater no heat comes out just fresh air

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First check that the coolant level in the radiator and expansion tank is sufficient. Low coolant level may result in poor heater operation. The heater control valve is located under the dash a cable actually actuates the valve opening or closing it as the heater controls are operated from hot to cold/cold to hot. Look under the dash, locate the heater valve and operate the cable , using a flash light see that the cable is attached to the heater valve and that it actually operates the valve fully in both directions. There is a company that independent auto repair shops "buy" their information from that offer a very reasonable service to do it yourselvers. You get a one year subscription to year make and model specific repair procedures, service bulletins, component locations, wiring diagrams ect.... great quality information same as the professionals have ,much better than generic workshop manuals from parts stores, much cheaper than the factory manual.