AC & Heat / Cruise control on 2000 Plymouth Breeze

Hi I own a well taken care of 2000 Breeze that was my mothers. The only problems seem to be that the A/C and Heater only work in the highest setting and the Cruise Control feature only works when it wants to, which is very rarely. HELP!! I know these don't seem serious, but its mostly just annoying!!

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You have two issues going on here.
1. The blower motor resistor has failed and needs replacement. Here is some info about this part and the repair needed:
2. Cruise control problem - I would have this checked out, it may just be the brake pedal sensor/switch that is out of adjustment, or something more involved.
The blower motor resistor is inexpensive (approx. $20.00 - $30.00) and is easy to install.
Thanks for the quick response! I will look into these things.