Ac filter dryer keep leaking on 2002 Dodge Caravan

Replaced my ac compressor and changed the filter dryer that I bought from Napa Auto Parts and can't seem to get the o rings to go in properly and then causing a leak. Can anyone help me with where the o rings need to be on the line. Or the dryer? Or just any info at all about the dryer install. Thank you

Asked by for the 2002 Dodge Caravan
I have the same problem on my '96 Caravan. The dryer set up is a challenge; because of the confined space, rigidity of the tubing; and the hoses in the way, there is a high difficulty factor. The o rings are critical; they must be seated properly. The tubes must sit completely flat at 90 degrees. Had to remove the radiator, upper discharge hose and front bumper to get both hands on '96 system. Also had to bend the tubes to line up the holes. Once they sat pretty without holding them in, torqued the bolts to 10 ft/pounds; aluminum is soft, so as to start low. Applied Nitrogen gas and looked for bubbles; nitro testing is best for empty systems. If you see bubbles, slowly torque the system down without stripping the bolts. If you bottom out and your leak is still active, try thicker o rings. Worked for me!