1992 BMW 325i Q&A

1992 BMW 325i Question: ac fan works only on the forth degree..why

hi dear every body. my 525i bmw 1992 model ac fan does not work with the first three levels, only the forth. i was informed to change the fan resistance. how much is it and how does it look like. also, how to replace it. thanks a lot -
Answer 1
This sounds like a blower resistor to me as well. The 4th, highest setting bypasses the control resistor and that is why it works. I found a web page that explains how to replace it if you're up to it. hope this helps http://www.bmwe34.net/E34main/Maintenance/Electrical/Sword.htm -
Answer 2
usually located under dash behind the cabin temp cluster after or part of fan controll switch. -