A/C fan speed # 5 inop and no recycle but light works on 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer

nothing happens when I turn my fan switch to 5 on my 2004 Trail Blazer. Works on 1 thru 4 but no 5. Also when I hit the recylcle button the light comes on but dosn't kick on the or open the gate

blower resistor bad and possible burnt connector. it is under the dash on the right side below the glove box.
as far as the trunk, it sounds like the bcm is not commanding the door or gate open.
you need a shop to verify.

I replaced the blower resistor pack and nothing happened. Could it possible be the control panel ? I think you might be right tho about the BCM
how about the connector?? it is common for it to fail. look at the terminals and see if any are burned or blackened. if it was the bcm, nothing would work.

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I had the same problem with my 2006 cheverolet trailblazer ,I found my problem was the connector that connect the blower to the main wire tht power the blower . It was not getting a connection . I think that connector has about 4 to 5 wires . I think the connector had burnt out on a couple of wires .