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2003 Honda Accord Question: AC fan clutch

my AC was charged by a mechanic in may. worked one day and not the next. finally a friend was snooping around and tapped the clutch of the condensor and whoolaa the ac cycled on. this lasted for a short while then it stopped cycling. i stopped, used a small wood stick to tap the outside of clutch again and it began to cycle. QUESTION, can just the clutch be replaced or do i have to replace the entire compressor? dealer is telling me the compressor at a toon of $700. Help! -
Answer 1
first, there is no clutch on the condenser. second, the dealer is correct and the price is very good as well. Roy -
Comment 1
You didn't answer the question, can just the clutch be replaced? Thinking $700 is a very good price is why this country is in the toilet -
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