Volvo C70 Problem Report

Volvo C70 AC Evaporator May Leak

(14 reports)

A refrigerant leak may develop from the AC evaporator causing the AC to blow warm air. Verifying failure of this component is difficult. A good shop will use leak detection dye to verify a failing evaporator.

AC runs for anywhere from 2 minutes to 10 minutes and possibly longer. The hotter it is outside the shorter it runs. Then it blows swampy warm air. -
2008 Volvo C70 Evaporator leak. Cost to repair ~$1000. AC recharge is only about $60, so I may let it slide for a while. -
air condition is not working -
The repair shop had to recharge the system to find the leak, even after the system earlier had been injected with a dye. They quoted a $1500 charge to fix. with $1,350 of the charge for labor. Have not decided wether it is worth it to fix. -
Car repair conducted leak test to diagnose. Leaking evaporator was identified. $3K to replace. -
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