A/C doesn't take charge and air conditioning does not work on 1997 Honda Accord

I have had to add freon almost every year. It usually takes the charge and the a/c works however this year it did not work. When adding the freon it just cycles thru and I have air con 4 about 5 minutes and then nothing. The compressor clicks on and off, there is no leak from anywhere. What do u think it is? Please help

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what are your gauge readings? you may have an evap core leak which you cannot see. will the system hold a vaccum? you may have a plugged expansion valve.
I replaced the high pressure valve and it just reads low charge. My mechanic has flushed the system no metal shavings or leaks. I'm waiting 2 c if a new compressor and a/c belt fixes it. I also have changed the fluids. I hope the compressor change ends my problem
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Did the high pressure valve(switch?), or compressor make a difference? What are the PRESSURE readings from both high and low side when compressor 'clicking on and off'???
I am waiting 2 c if my new compressor and a/c belt works. My mechanic has replaced the high pressure valve and changed the oil. It has been flushed completly and there r no leaks or metel shavings. I am hoping the new compressor and a/c belt works. I have looked 4 a/c specialists and just found firestone, goodyear and some local shops I allready know about. I am stuck! I don't want 2 sell my car cause I have taken great care and always kept up with all repairs, fluids and what not. Sorry 4 babbling but i'm frustrated
Given the dealer a shot yet? One correct diagnosis may be less expensive than several cheaper guesses. Sorry , I don't mean that the way it probably reads , but I don't know how else to phrase it. Good luck. Please post the numbers if you are able---static line pressure , & high / low side pressures when running(whether or not clutch is engaging) Can the shop doing the work read live PGM-FI (Honda) data- NOT generic OBDII? If so , some of that info may be helpful.............evaporator freezing/thermistor in wrong position?
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