AC doesn't get cold on 2001 Ford Escape

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My AC doesn't get cold yet appears to be full of Freon or 134a whichever. I just blows and gets warm.
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The first question is: Is the system functioning or not? You could have warm air in the car with a functioning, cold air conditioning system -- if you have a temperature blend door problem in the car. Check the lines to the accumulator if you can - see if they are cold after running the AC a bit. Does the compressor turn on and off - cycling? Quickly? Slow? Not at all? Quick suggests low charge, on for a while then off seems normal, not at all seems like a system electrical issue. You could have a cycle switch issue, a high pressure cut off switch issue, a compressor coil issue.

Just some ideas; have to check things one by one.
Not cycling at all -- can be low in charge, but you say it appears full of R134A. Did you check this by checking pressures with gauges or a charge machine?

If it is in fact full in charge, then you are looking at electrical function - try checking for power at the cycle switch, or it's possible the coil on the compressor is not working.