A/C Cutting out on 2004 Toyota Camry

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Replaced battery in the fall. A/C blows cold and works fine until the weather is hot and I get stuck in a little traffic. The light on the A/C dial starts blinking. If I shut it off for a minute it will work again. I called dealer - told computer resetting. It is now happening more often. Manual said go to dealer for service.
What might be wrong? Can't afford a major fix.
(2) Answers
In heavy traffic you are more dependent on the two fans that pull air through the radiator and they are multi-speed, so this could be failing. You could also have moisture in the system, which will freeze inside the evaporating pipe (at the TXV valve). Moisture removal requires a system evacuation and a receiver/dryer replacement. In either case, you will need a competent AC service tech.
I had a similar problem with my 2001 Camry. The AC worked fine until the AC light switch would start blinking. I replaced a relay and it fixed the problem. I replaced it with part number 90080-87026.