Pontiac Montana Problem Report

Pontiac Montana AC Not Cold Due to Leak From Condenser

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The AC may stop working due to a refrigerant leak from the condenser. GM has developed and updated condenser and mounting bracket to help prevent the replacement condenser from failing in the same manner.

Leaking condenser coil on top edge by Radiator cap........ taking to the shop -
visible refrigerant leak at condenser. Replaced condenser. -
my "mantana" has the same problem with the leasking condensor coil-dye in the refrigereant helped me find it after several wasted trips to the dealer. -
green dye on right hand side of radiator bracket -
leak at top passenger side mount bracket.cracked weld -
ac failed after 5 years, lines rotted out, we live in MA with salt on road in winter, did not replace due to cost -
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