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Dodge Durango AC Not Cold Due to Leak From Condenser

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Poor AC performance or no cold air blowing from vents is commonly caused by a refrigerant leak from the AC condenser. Road debris like rocks or pebbles can damage the condenser tubes.

Noticed a neon green leak under the front end. Initially, I thought antifreeze, but my coolant is red so it had to be the condenser leaking. That was in January, but for a couple of years the ac didn't blow very cool unless we were moving. This is a sign, check it out. Leaks aren't very evident at first because the first drops land inside the bottom of the front bumper's plastic liner. Also, the condenser is so close to this liner that pushing into something like a snowdrift can add pressure to an already weak condenser and finish the damage. I believe that's what finally did it for me. -
green fluid oozing from top condenser coil line -
Some yahoo desided to put a bolt in the hood release arm good Idea but it was installed with the threaded end touching the condensor thus rubbing a hole in it after being replaced by an a/c repair shop! -
A/C only blows cold when moving at a fair rate of speed. Simply needed a new condenser. Initially I was told it was the compressor - thank heavens I got a second estimate! -
Small crack on upper right condenser causing freon and compressor oil to leak out. -
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