Ac compressor not switching on on 2006 Kia Sorento

After having my 2006 sorento repaired from a head on collision, my ac compressor ceases to turn on when pushing the ac button. I've checked all fuses and relays and find no faults. Is there a plug that might have been missed In the engine compartment or in the dash behind the ac controls. A schematic would be helpful.

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There are a number of things that could affect the A/C system, like a blown fuse, improper refrigerant charge, faulty A/C clutch, faulty compressor or malfunction in the control system. Either take it back to the body shop, they should be capable of fixing it, or find a Kia or Mitsubishi specialist.
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This should have been repaired during the front collision repair, Bring it back to the body shop or call your insurance and complain that the repair wasn't done completely