AC Compressor need replace the magnetic clutch or reshim on Volvo S60

Average mileage: 135,078 (100,000–198,314)
1 model year affected: 2002
4 people reported this problem
2 people shared problem details
2002 Volvo S60198,314
First trip with car just after purchasing to suddenly get this strong burnt plastic smell. Found to be that the AC clutch had too big of a gap once earned up and would stop completely leaving the belt to go around a now stationary clutch. Had to put a shim in & now works great, but was a pain in the ass to get to since it had to be completely taken apart.
The A/C Compressor will only work for only 5-10 minutes on hot weather days. Based on inspection, the AC compressor clutch plate gap is too big and the compressor is not functioning properly. Need to reshim the clutch hub and plate gap. Recommend to replace the magnetic clutch at the same time.
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