AC Compressor Issue on 2001 Ford Taurus

Does anyone know what size serpentine belt I can purchase to exclude my AC compressor wheel while I replace it?

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Auto Zone 822K6 belt. Just had to do this myself. It's a tight fit getting it on, but it clears the compressor pulley nicely.
Thank you for the info.
My a/c compressor was getting red hot w/ a/c on which caused belt to break. called around shop to find out it'll cost me around $1,000. Bought the a/c bypass pulley for $40 to find out I had to take everything(well not everything but...) out anyway. I just did it with 822K6 from autozone for $20 and it works.
I don't have a/c but this was great solution for me considering situation. Thanks ScotchnH2o. (2003 ford taurus 6cyl. flex fuel.)
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OK, this is obviously not going to help the person who asked this question in 2009, but maybe it will help someone. I have a 2001 Ford Taurus with 250,000 miles (I know--everyone tells me that isn't possible, but I'm just the third owner). It has a regular factory transverse V6 in it.

The AC pulley went out on it recently and, instead of spending $1,000 on an AC which wasn't really working anyway, I decided to bypass it.

Fortunately, on this model/engine, it bypasses without having to remove the AC and without having to put in an "AC Bypass Pulley".

I simply removed the old belt, and remeasured the new length needed.

I bought a Duralast S-belt from Autozone size 795K6, which also has the number, 6PK2020. UPC: 0-366687-67027-4.

Incidentally, I borrowed a belt-tensioner tool from Advance Auto for free. This is far better than using a pipe or interlocked wrenches for leverage given the tight space in the engine compartment.
I'm glad you posted as I am facing the same issue. So I was told by the mechanic I can't bypass it or my defrost and heat won't work. Can you use it by bypassing the compressor.
Two different posts stated two different belts - so which is it - 795K6 or 822K6? The answer is it depends on your VIN. The 8th digit of the VIN will be either an S or a U. These have different routing diagrams. When bypassing the AC pulley, does anyone know which belt to use if you have an "S", and which belt to use if have a "U"? Thanks!

2001 Ford Taurus a/c bypass successful with 825k6 worked for the "U".
Go to napa auto parts and tell them that you want to use a smaller belt and they will use a tape measure to figure out which belt will fit because one of the numbers on the belt package is the total measurement.
I have a 2001 tuarus I want to buy a smaller belt to bypass ac without taking out ac compressor on my vin there is no s or u so how would I look up the smaller belt
I'm looking to buy a smaller belt to bypass my ac without taking out the ac but my vin does not have the letter s or u anywhere in the vin please tell me what I need to do or where to find a smaller belt