AC Compressor on 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

I've had some trouble with the AC Compressor locking up, and was told by the mechanic that I would likely have to replace this in the future. This is an expensive repair (close to $1000). I am somewhat handy when it comes to working on vehicles, and I have the available time. I need some GOOD instructions on replacing the AC Compressor on my 02' Montero Sport. Anyone ever done one?

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I concur entirely.

You are required to be Section 609 certified by the EPA to even handle refrigerants.
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personally, i don't advise a/c work of any kind for the home repair market. if you don't evacuate and flush the system properly, you will void the compressor warranty.
the feds require shops to purchase expensive equipment
so that the refrigerant is recovered and recycled; it is a
violation of federal law to release it into the air.