ac compressor on 1997 Honda Accord

My ac compressor suddenly made a loud noise and seemed to shake. Stopped using it, but when I turn it on to test it the pulley wheel has a noticlble wobble, this does not occur when the ac is off. I'm assuming the compressor needs to be replaced, but is it safe to drive as long as I don't turn on the ac. The pulley wheel spin freely when the car is idling.

by in Kensington, MD on July 01, 2009
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ANSWER by on July 01, 2009
You should be OK for a while as long as you leave the a/c off. The pulley may have been damaged also. It is turning OK now but could cause a problem over time. There is really now way to tell how long the pulley will last. You are probably correct in assuming you will need a new a/c compressor for your Honda Accord.
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