a/c compressor on 2005 Ford Expedition

My a/c compressor went out and am in the process of replacing it. The information that came with the new compressor states that it was shipped with ice lubricant. Do I still need to install compressor oil? If so, can it be added with the compressor already on the vehicle? *for those who are installing, the a/c line bolt is 10mm...the bolts on the compressor are standard...make sure you put the top bolt in the compressor (loose) BEFORE placing the compressor in position...it won't go in afterwards due to clearance restrictions.*

by in Waldorf, MD on August 09, 2010
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ANSWER by on August 09, 2010
Either way a shop has to pull a vacuum on the AC system to remove any oxygen and let them install the proper amount of oil when they refill the system with R134a
COMMENT by on August 11, 2010
I learned the same prior to your answer (that the ice lubricant DOES NOT replace compressor oil. I found a can of oil charge that contains 8.5 oz of oil with 2 oz of r134a that is compressed and can be added through the line. The capacity for my 2005 Expedition is 9 oz. The can is the size of a normal 12 oz can of 134a. I state this because there are smaller cans out there that only contain 2 oz. of oil with 2 oz of r134a (used primarily for "squeeky" compressors...not for a new installation. I have a vacuum pump. The vacuum is supposed to pull 29 so I'm told. Will see how everything works.
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