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2003 GMC Envoy Question: a/c clutch bearing

I was wondering if I could change out the clutch bearing in the compressor instead of changing out the whole compressor itself. I looked at mine and it seems like the clutch is removeable. -
Answer 1
Looks like Napa carries the replacement bearing and here's what it looks like http://www.napaonline.com/Search/MultiImagePopup.aspx?A=BRG5908VAW_0279985111&An=599001+599999+102003+109999+50030+59999+2030001+2999999+15600 www.napaonline.com But I would get it at the store as there are 2 available -
Answer 2
how to replace the a/c compressor on a GMC 2003 Envoy -
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I was wondering if I could replace the clutch bearing on the compressor instead of changing ot the compressor itself. The clutch has a nut on it so I know it can be removed.