A/C clutch assembly on 1995 Buick Roadmaster

It seems my A/C clutch assembly has broken apart. After speaking with several auto parts stores and explaining what I was experiencing I was told I needed to replace the inner hub. That is fine although I have no Idea how to disassemble the three part unit. The pulley and bearing are operating normally and there is no binding in the belt. Also the noise is much louder when A/C is turned off. However, still not a problem with pulley running, no squealing. Just the grinding of that middle part of clutch assembly. Would I be better off replacing entire clutch assembly? Still no clue as to how to get this part off A/C compressor.

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It generally requires a few special tools to remove these parts. See if this helps:
Same thing happened to my 1995 Roadmaster. I found after contacting all parts stores in area and a few salvage yards that old school parts and new school parts DO NOT MIX now have to get whole new compressor since my Son broke off the bolt to A./C compressor that holds the hub, bearing etc to compressor. Major pain in butt. Also not able to rent removal and re-install tool so had to purchase outright. So you can try replacing as whole unit however, may not match up so u end up replacing compressor after all. Plus the whole assembly will likely cost as much as compressor itself which comes with the whole assembly
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