A/C clutch on 1999 Acura RL

Why the Clutch on the compressor will not engage to check. It will not click on after pressing A/C button. Think it's electrical

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If the freon in the system gets too low, the low pressure cut off switch won't let power go to the compressor clutch to protect the compressor. You need to have a shop diagnose the AC system possibly just needs a recharge but the system could also have a leak.
Freon was full according to tester he said there's no click when A/C is engaged. Appears that no electrical power is getting to clutch so it can engage.
I have this issue now after replacing blower motor. Need some advise. Dont want to spend unnecessary money on guessing.
Please help.
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It "appears", could you explain what that means? It appears your "tester" doesn't know how to test!