ac builds pressure but when shut off pressure don't equilize on high and low side on 1997 Honda Accord

last year replaced condesor, e-vacted, recharged with added leak detector and stop leak. all was good, had 38-42 degrees at air vent. system over the winter is now blowing about 60 degrees at air vent. added some freon, maybe picked up 5 degrees cooler. system runs 30-40 on low side 200-250 on high, but when you turn it off the high and low pressure stays pretty much the same instead of balancing out. I've had advice as it's the drier, the compressor, and the expansion valve. I'm a little stumped as where to go as the running pressues aren't that bad to me.

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expansion valve, definitely. the dryer most definitely but adding the sealer has contaminated the system and must also be flushed of all that gunk.

any recomendation on how to flush system out., Thanks
we have a machine that pressures up the system and we run an acid base liquid through the system. i have not seen one for sale or rent. it runs about 2500. obviously cheaper letting a shop do it.