AC blows warm on drivers side but cold on passenger side but no dual controls.WHY??? on 2005 Honda Accord

2005 Accord LX Manual trans....Air conditioner blows hard out of all 4 vents but ony 2 on passenger side are cold and driver side remains warm/humid until driving approx 25 minutes. Does not have dual air control. What is the deal???

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Sometimes when an a/c system is slightly low on charge one side may get cool and not the other, this may be what is happening with your 2005 Honda Accord. I would suggest you have your a/c system checked for proper charge, if it is low the system should be evacuated and recharged to the correct level and inspected for leaks.
I just had this problem on my 2005 Accord. According to the dealer, there were expansion valves that needed to be changed. They found things were plugging up. They flushed the system, changed the parts, re-charged it, and it's working wonderfully.
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I had the same problem with an 03 honda accord. I bought a can of r134 at autozone, connected it to the LH connector on the condensor and it began working immediatley. I explained the symptoms to the guy at the counter and he said a dead animal must be in my ducts and the r134 would not work, but it did. I have ICE COLD AC now on both sides.
Hi ihad this sameproblem last week my 06 accord it blows warm air but my passenger side blows cold air. So i took my car to the dealership and after and hour my service advisor called me and to tell me the problem, my Air Mix Motor was stuck or not working properly so he replaced it with a new one part no. 79160-sda-a14 now my a/c works like a new one...
defenetly frion is low r134a