A/C Blows hot air on driver, but not on passenger on 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Have dual controls. Everything working fine; then all of a sudden my driver's side will blow out like temp control is on 'hot'. I can turn off engine and it will correct and blow cold air. will malfunction again in one hour, one day, or one week.

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Most likely the temperature door actuator for the drivers side is failing and will require replacement. Fault codes stored in the a/c control module should confirm it this is the case.
YES, Replaced this ($700) and works fine. The door was cheeeeep but the labor was extensive as they had to take apart the whole dash to get to it.
I have the same problem in my 06. I replaced the air door actuator located under the glove compartment on the passenger side... No luck. Apparently there are 2 of these, with the second one located behind the radio, deep in the dash. Do you happen to know what the part number is? or where you found it? I can only seem to find the one I already replaced.