A/C blows hot air on 2001 Ford Taurus

first time occurrence. fully charged compressor runs, air blows but is hot

by in Conroe, TX on May 23, 2011
2 answers
ANSWER by , May 23, 2011
There could be several different issues that could cause your concern. First, while running your A/C, carefully touch the low pressure (larger) A/C line and sense its temperature. It should feel cold while the compressor is engaged. If the compressor does not engage or the line does not feel cold to the touch, a refrigerant pressure issue may be a problem. If the low pressure line is cold to the touch, the issue may be with a air distribution system. A blend door under the dash may not be directing air properly ie the heater core may be exposed blowing warm air into the refrigerated air.
ANSWER by , May 23, 2011
blend door motors are very common failures on these models. have a shop check it for you as this may the exact issue you have. the motor is about 80 and there is 1.5 hours in labor. a shop can confirm this for you and give you a bid. Roy