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2007 Nissan Altima Question: AC blowing hot air

I have Nissan Altima 2.5SL. Car AC is not working from last week and started blowing hot air.Repair shop did A/c maintanance check and saying Compressor damaged need to replace it. I got an estimate for 1000$ (Compressor450$).My car is ouof waranty I want to check with others.Any idea is that that costly any alternate workarounds ? -
Answer 1
Have a look at our estimator to get an idea of the A/C repair costs: http://repairpal.com/estimator?car_type_id=4940 -
Answer 2
it probably is just the clutch coil that has gone bad. They are on major backorder. Just bought a complete compresor off of a 09 150.00 from troys automotive with 14,000 miles. 1 our to replace and 30 min to evac and recharge. total investment 165.00. labor should not be more than 150.00 total if you had to pay someone. I do it for a living so I have the equipment to do it with. A common problem with nissan and other mfg with this type coil. -
Answer 3
I have had the same problem with ac blowing hot air. Our mechanic replaced the Compressor etc. That cost us close to 1000.00. Worked off and on for a couple of weeks. Then started blowing hot air again. Mechanic changed the relay and drove it for several days. Did not act up for approximately one week and now is blowing hot air again. Asked himne to check the low pressure hose to see if it is leakinf freon. Have not heard back from him yet. Back in the shop. Debbie -
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