ac blower not working on 1997 BMW 740iL

ac blower not blowing cold air while driving my car i could turn the ac auto on and no cold air coming out, but if i change and press to air function there is small amount of cold air coming out from the register. Please let me know what's wrong with the ac and let me know how to start fixing my car. At this time I cannot afford to pay for a mechanic, just got laid off five months ago. Need car to find a job.

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where is ac control module located on 1997 740il
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Well, you will be using this car without A/C to find a job. It's the A/C control module. Since you can't afford a mechanic....let alone a BMW mechanic, you are not going to be a cool dude anytime soon.
Usually when the control module goes bad, the A/c just works intermittently. BMW knows this and they just replace the control module and bingo....about $1400 later, you drive out cool.
where is the ac control module located on a 97 740il