AC blower motor, abs light & brake light on 2003 GMC Sierra 2500 HD

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I'm having major problems with my truck. The AC blower motor is not turning on and the abs lights & brake lights are on and won't turn off. Can anyone tell me what's happening?
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You most likely have two separate problems here. The first step in solving your ABS light issue would be to read the stored codes in the ABS control module with a scan tool. Once the ABS fault codes in your 2003 GMC SIerra 2500 are read, diagnosed, and repaired the ABS and brake lights should return to normal operation. If repairing the ABS system restores the blower motor function great! If not that system will need to be diagnosed and repaired.
Did you ever find out what was the problem? Our truck is doing the exact same things...
My truck doing same thing and after research i have noticed MANY trucks doing it too. I found that replacing the speed sensor can make the abs light and brake light go off. reason being that the speed sensor controls the speedomoter and odomoter; if the speedomoter not working the abs can't work properly.
I am having this same problem, however, my speedometer works just not the lights around it.
After getting new brakes recently I will be driving for a short time and the abs; brake and traction control warning lights go on and the brake warning bell sounds. Is this the same problem you were having?