a/c blower motor on 2002 Dodge Ram 1500

Only blowing on low and med. Check wires to resistor, not melted or corroded. New resistor, new ignition module. Should I replace blower motor?

by in Port Saint Lucie, FL on July 15, 2014
0 answers
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After engine warms up, when I press the gas pedal the A/C blower turns off. When I let off the gas the blower comes back on.
A/C blows cold air on high speed only.
I have replaced blower resistor and ignition module. anyone know what the problem is? Thanks for any input.
When I go up a hill & accelerate ,the a/c blower stops. When it levels off ,the blower comes back on. Sounds like a small door closing under the dash near the floor.

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