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2004 Chevrolet Colorado Question: ac blower motor

I replaced the blower motor resistor and the blower motor still only works on high, what else could it be? -
Answer 1
If you look under the dash on passenger side, you will see a wire pluged in directly under the glove box. Push the connector in all the way and then try useing it on the other fan speeds. I'm on my second Colorado and I have had the same problem on both of them -
Comment 1
WOW!!! thanks for that tip of the loose wire!!!! I am sooo happy now!! I was about to go on a long trip and #1 didnt want to have to ride with it on high the whole time and #2 didnt want to ride with the windows down on the highway (bad for gas mileage) Thanks again!! I was getting ready to replace the resistor, now I dont have to, WOOOHOOO!!!! =o) -
Comment 2
OMG thank you thank you thank you! My contacts have stayed dried out for the past year! What an easy fix! Love you bunches..Heather -
Comment 3
Wow. I was about to take it to the dealer 'til I read this. You saved me $$$. Thanks -
Comment 4
thank you sooooooo much for the tip...it saved me alotta dough!!!!!thank you so much...good tip -
Comment 5
Mine just went out and was doing google search and read this and went and tried it. Life does not usually work out this easy for me. Thanks for the great tip never even thought about trying that but hey if it works Thanks -
Comment 6
Someone give this guy an award just saved me money with a way easy fix -
Comment 7
Mine has been doing to same thing for over a year, and this fixed it! -
Comment 8
Right on ! thought I would have to replace the switch or motor or resistor saved me a lot of grief and cash Thank you Frustrated -
Answer 2
check the wires i had to replace mine to for the same thing, my wires where fryed. just trying to help k. -
Comment 1
ya mine too. the only one wire but it could have shorted out more. replased the whole connection. but ya check the wires too. -
Comment 2
we are havin the same problem our wires are fried where did you get yours fixed and how much was it. -
Answer 3
where is the resistor located -
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