Jeep Grand Cherokee Problem Report

Jeep Grand Cherokee AC Blower May Only Work on High or Melt Connector at Blower

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Failure in the blower motor power module (automatic temperature controls) or resistor block (manual AC) may cause the heater blower motor to work only on the high setting. The connector to the power module/resistor block is known to overheat (and sometimes melt). The connector or terminals should be replaced; a replacement connector is available.

My experience with the ac blower connector melting is one of the flaws in that year of jeep. I simply cut that connector out and put a connector from Dorman® Tech Choice™ - Blower Motor Resistor Connector Part # 973-304 $9.99 can be purchased from Orielly auto parts or online at Replaced that connector and I have (NOT)had that problem again. One of many poor designs flaws from Chrysler. -
2nd time this module melted. -
Heat and AC only blow on HI setting. -
ac/heat only blows out on high, there are no mid-level blow levels -
Blower only works on High -
Blower controls would randomly turn on / off. Wire was melted near the resistor. Replacement took place on 02/2011 and cost $190.00 -
I just needed another connector installed and made the mistake of taking my 2000 jeep to Suncost Chysler in St. petersburg FL. After they were done with my car it cost over $1800.00 as they broke my vent doors after replacing not only the connector but the resistor. It now required removal of the dash to fix vent doors. All these systems worked fine when brought into Suncost. After they removed the dash they claimed the condenser was leaking freon. This car could freeze your legs before they got ahold of it. -
Wires at the heater blower resister burnt and melted the resister. Had to replace wiring and resister -
The A/C blower motor only work on high speed. I got the resistor but I do not know where it is located so I can replace it. -
replace fan relay switch 4 times it would work for a week or two then blow out -
A/C Fan works only on high, when I start my car I hear a noise that comes from under the dashboard that last for a few seconds, the noise goes away but if I turn the a/c off or on the noise starts again for a few seconds, sometimes just by putting my keys on the ignition I hear that noise, I purchased this car brand new in 2005 and it was the worst car I ever owned in my life, I called Jeep and Chrysler ( NOT THE DEALERS) they didn't give a rat *ss about my problem, I like the Jeep Cherokee but with all the problems and the money I paid for this car, I will never buy a Chrysler/ Jeep ever again. -
A/C and blower only work on the high setting. The blower resistor behind the glove compartment was removed and the electrical terminal has4 wires, the two outside wire connectors are burned. Replacement of the connector is next. -
Same exact problem, the controls for mid settings dont work and I can only get air on high and low settings -
AC blower only works on high, not fixed yet, that's why I'm here to find the fix. -
intermittent connection on rear park/tail lights.I adjusted the contacts in the lamp sockets. Tail lights stay on now but blowing fuses when I apply brakes. -
First the AC would stop blowing out the dash vents when I accelerated redirecting the air to the defrost or floor vents. Dealership told me it was a redirection of power when I accelerated. Didn't sound right but I went with it. A few years later cruise control doesn't work, heater and AC both do not blow out the dash vents only defrost and sometimes floor vents. On top of that if it runs too long I start to smell a burning electrical smell. Thanks to this site I think I know what needs to be fixed with out spending a lot to have it looked at. -
wiring or connectors not melted, but the resistor went bad and before replacing i went through many relays and switches. overheating was the problem, but luckily it never melted -
no blower motor at any speed resistor plug melted into case bought new cable for blower motor and resistor and purchased a new resistor -
Blower motor resistor block strip failure. New resistor over $100 so I tried just resoldering the resistor block and it has worked fine since. That was about nine months ago. -
I just purchased this vechicle used, and the first thing to go wrong was the bender doors. i brought back to the dealer and made them repair. Now my heater works on occassion. I discovered that the wire is loose at the resistor. I have not made the repair yet. I am going to try replacing the wire and connector first. I do not want to spend more than this truck is worth!!! I'm going back to Chevys!!! -
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