Chevrolet Blazer Problem Report

Chevrolet Blazer Loss of One or More HVAC Blower Motor Speeds

(16 reports)

The HVAC blower motor may stop working at one or more speeds due to a faulty blower motor resistor block. Our technicians recommend to confirm the resistor is at fault by first checking the operation of the switch.

Blower does not work at all speed settings. -
heater air switch only works in 3 low speeds I pulled fuses out several were rusty.cleaned them off and clicked on and off so i checked the relay it seems to be going out after tapping on it high speed turns on for the first time in years....I am going to replace the relay Now it is the one closest to the air unit on the firewall..good luck. -
The dash vent blower does not work for the two hihest speeds. I think it is the switch assembly, but don't know. -
Blower Motor only functions on diagnosed and repaired problem -
Blower only worked in the high positiom -
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