A/C Blower fan only working on low and Med. I have replaced Blower resistor. on 2002 Dodge Ram 1500

I have replaced blower resistor and ignition module. anyone know what the problem is? Thanks for any input.

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Check resistor wire CONNECTOR for signs of melting and poor connection with the resistor.
Thank you. If its ok where do I look then?
Check fuses and blower relay.
Check and fuse is fine. As far as I can tell there is no blower relay? any other suggestions?

NAPA part # AR272... Blower motor relay!... High speed for the blower fan does not use the resistor, it's direct!... Also possible wiring or connection problem... Got to trace it down..
I have purchased the relay and can not find where it goes? It's not in the fuse box?
Where should I be looking?

You don't see it in the fuse relay center under hood?
Nope. Not there?
It is possible I may be mistaken, around that year model they did some changing on that system, however I can't be sure which year. It may get its power directly form the ignition switch... I do know the 2001 has the relay and it IS also listed for the 2002! Unfortunately, on today's vehicles, there is no given on any component, I have found. If there is NO relay and NO open/blown fuse, next step is remove the covers on steering column and check the wires going to the ignition switch for any sign of heat... Also wiggle test switch wiring with key on and blower on high to see if it starts working. You should not have a problem returning the relay for your money back!! ... BTW, ign switch can fail on any supplied circuit and still perform correctly on all others!!.......Just one of the pitfalls of internet auto repair!! Can only give 'possible' solutions.....