AC blend motor on 2003 Cadillac DeVille

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the ac blower motor runs. but no air will come from vents or the deforst. The rear air works fine. Is this a ac blend motor issue?
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i had a problem similar to yours, but my problem was the air would come out of the windshield vents and the floor vents, but not out of the vents in the middle. I checked every possible thing it could be and wouldn't u know it was the simpliest thing , a broken vacum line, the line i found was at the back-right of the engine compartment on the firewall, there are to black lines back there, look around there u might find your answer.
If all of the air up front is coming out of the floor vents only then chances are there is an issue with the mode door actuator. If this is the case there should be a fault code stored in the HVAC control module which can be read with a scan tool.
Air out of the windshield and floor vents can be caused by a broken vacuum hose. However, no air from those vents would indicate a different problem - stuck mode door or accuator.