2003 Lincoln Navigator Q&A

2003 Lincoln Navigator Question: A/C and Heater console

I replaced my battery and now my A/C and Heater console doesn't work. -
Answer 1
You may want to check for fuses in the battery junction box. I don't have the exact one listed in front of me, but I would guess there is a fuse for the EATC unit. -
Comment 1
All of the fuses are good. The display just shows blinking numbers and won't cut on at all. Thanks for your response also. -
Comment 2
In that case, it needs a replacement control head. There's nothing really else to do with it. Sorry for the news. -
Comment 3
Thx I figured it out and everything is working now. The battery terminals weren't tight enough so I removed the plastic piece on the positive part. Thx again. -