ABS/BAS lights come on and stay on. What would cause this? on 2001 Mercedes-Benz ML55 AMG

I have had my brakes replaced withing the last 60 days. Recently the ABS and other dashboard lights come on. I have had the brake light switch and the ABS pump relay replaced. Solved the issue for 3 days. Lights back on and am being told the ABS Hydraulic Pump Assembly may need to be replaced at a substantial cost..Could there be another cause such as brake pads installed incorrectly or the wrong pads being used?

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I would get a second opinion, because when this type of thing happens, the main thing that typically goes out is the ABS control unit, as long as there are no wheel speed sensor codes, which can be set by poor brake work.

There are some very good German shops in your area. ( I live in the Bay Area) I would find another one.

here are some shops:

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You need to check the ABS speed sensors at the wheels. When your ABS light is on you have a code stored in the computer. What was it? Dublin Auto Repair is one of my stores that could look at it.
Hello it seems to me that you need a qualified repair shop to performed a diagnostic on you ABS/BRAKE system to download the fault codes and find out what system is having a problem.HAVE A BLESS DAY from DR.RECO.
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