abs won't disengage and light is on on 1997 Buick LeSabre

I was sliding on ice and my abs came on now my light won't go off and my brakes are pulsating and sounds like a motor is running how do I disengage the abs to get this to stop?

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my daughters' 97 cirrus did the same thing. On pavement it acted like it was glare ice. At shopping mall so I pulled the ABS pump fuse. Perfect!!! No anti lock brakes but insurance companies are trying to get them banned anyway. Now my daughter can "lock 'em up" if she needs to. I ask her how her brakes are working and she says great. Don't know if Buicks are like chryslers but I'd try this in a safe location. Good luck!!! PS..Fuse was under the hood..
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This may be a problem with the ABS Control Module, but to know for sure, have it diagnosed.