ABS Wheel Speed Sensor on 1997 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

I recently took a 1997 Suburban in to the dealership service shop to get the front brake pads and rotors replaced. After the Brake job was done, the brakes started to act up. The brake pedal would depress and the abs would kick in while making stops from slow speeds. This wouldn't happen all the time but at least once everytime I drove. If the abs wheel speed sensor was damaged during the brake job, how would this happen and how can I get this concern addressed at the dealership. I have taken the car in since and the explanation given to me was that the part was rusted and that taking the sensor out to get cleaned could cause it to break.

by in Brookline, MA on January 06, 2011
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ANSWER by on January 06, 2011
I wonder if the calipers may be the problem. If the ABS sensors were damaged the ABS light would come on indicating failure. If a tooth on the tone wheel was broken or damaged it too would bring on the ABS light. There is a possibility that the system has a problem but does not set the ABS failure because the failure cause is just under the parameters to trigger the failure light. Worth getting a second opinion.
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