ABS traction control light goes on when I take a curve on 2002 Volvo S60

I want to know the best way to check wheel sensor to find which one is defect I took resistance nothing for front sensor

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The wheel speed sensor should have resistance when disconnected and checked at the connector, it is best to check them with an oscilloscope but if you jack up the car and spin the wheel it should produce an ac voltage on a voltmeter.
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Pat is right, an oscilloscope is best for checking this. Have you checked for any codes in the ABS module?
I don`t have scanner for ABS only for engine .Can I make blink code in dash?
No, you'll need a scan tool that can read the codes in the ABS module.
This car has a very complex computer system, I suggest you take it to a Volvo shop and have them read out all the diagnostic codes in the entire system and check to see how many software updates are available for the vehicle.
thank you my problem was tone ring on rear wheel were rusty