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1998 Chevrolet S10 Question: ABS Pump Leaking

I have a leak from my ABS pmp, it's coming from what appears to be @ a 3/4" hexagon plug that has a rubber dust cap on it. This plug looks similar to a brake bleeder valve (but a lot larger). When I apply the brakes, a little bit of brake fluid bubbles out the hole in the valve or plug.I this a repairable item? A new pump is over $700.00 plus tax plus instalation. Any advice is greatly appreciated. TIA -
Answer 1
Nobody is going to repair this for you is the ABS system your life is at stake nobody is going to take the risk you should not take the risk if a new pump is $700 try getting it use google LKQ they offer good use parts. -
Answer 2
Not all techs are parts replacers. It can be repaired by a qualified tech. -