Abs Pump on 1993 Dodge Caravan

Is it common for the "Abs Pump" to go out in a Dodge Grand Caravan?

We just recently changed the Abs Hydraulic Unit & the mechanic
mentioned to us that that the Pump was going out also.

We've been to look at the Abs Pump but the prices are very expensive, 400-500+ dollars.

Would it also be wise to buy a ABS Pump from a Junk Yard?

I'd like some thoughts on this please :) -Rina

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The ABS Pumps on Caravans that use the BENDIX 7 or 10 (I forget which) are "LIFETIME WARRANTY" - I have had 3 replaced over the 250000 miles on my 1993 Caravan. Service managers hate it - but they know that they have to. Chrysler made Bendix warranty them because of all the problems they had with that particular Bendix System.
I have a 91 Caravan ES with the Recall on the Bendix 10 ABS Brake System. Like Visitor (November 29, 2010), I took it to one of my local dealers who said that the Chrysler Parts Depot in NY will not release the LIFETIME WARRANTY part (ABS Hydraulic Control Unit), because the value of the part (approx $3000) exceeds the book value of my car, which only has 89K original miles. I called Chrysler Corp and they are supposed to contact my dealer about honoring this LIFETIME WARRANTY. FYI, go to the the NHTSA Fed Govt website,, and search for the 1991 Caravan ABS Brake Recall and download the PDF. In the Chrysler Corp notes, you'll see several references to the LIFETIME WARRANTY on ABS Hydraulic Control Unit and ABS Motor Pump. But can Visitor tell me which dealer he went to that honored that warranty instead of the double-talk I'm getting from my local dealer?