ABS pump on 1990 Nissan Maxima

I was told by a mechanic that, my 1990 Maxima needs a ABS pump.How much would cost to replace this part? Is the ABS module and the ABS pump both are the same? Thanks

by in Mill Valley, CA on February 25, 2011
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ANSWER by on February 25, 2011
Why? The module and the actuator are different parts and will be difficult to locate considering the age of the car. $1,700.00 to replace them both if you can even find the parts...Check relays first.
ANSWER by on March 14, 2011
Hi, My son has a 1992 maxima with a leaking ABS pump, and we are on our second junkyard pump. The pump on his car is located on the passenger side front of the engine. It has many connections coming out of it, and you know its the pump because you will see brake fluid around it. This is a very common problem with these older Maxima's. To replace new will cost $1,000.00 or try junk yards ( which is what we did) Very hard to find and cost about $150.00 - $300.00 . Our second one just blew, so I am looking into bypassing the ABS alltogether. Hope you have luck finding the part.
COMMENT by on March 14, 2011
Thanks, my mechanich gave me an option to installa new one that would cost $1300- for the part plus labor 300- or used one $375-- plus $300-. So i chose to install a used one and so my mechanic did. Total $675 I paid. Thanks for the info.
COMMENT by on March 16, 2011
Glad you got your car up and running! Where did your mechanic get the used one from? And did it come with a warranty ? I am still trying to find one for my son's car ..... It's his first car and he is on a tight budget. thanks
COMMENT by on March 17, 2011
Hello there, where do you live ? I am in Mill Valley, 8 miles north of San Francisco. I will ask my mechanic if he can find one for your son's car. Same time I will check around here if I can find one for you. Take care
COMMENT by on March 24, 2011
Hi I live in New York. Thanks for the offer, but my son can't afford to spend very much for the part, so we are going to keep trying local salvage yards or maybe sell the car for whatever he can get for it. Tough lesson for a first time car owner too go through. Thanks and good luck with your car
COMMENT by on March 24, 2011
Hello there, yes, keep on trying in junk yards.We have a few junk yards around. But I am not a handy guy to go there and pick a part.But I told my friend who goes there often. If he can manage to pick the part I will let you know.They are good cars. My car already has 1,97,000 miles . Still run smooth.Body is in excellent shape and with the original paint. Nobody believes that it is a 21 years old car.That is the why I am keeping it. Also many people sell those cars. You can go through the Craigs list , cars and trucks column.Good luck. Take care
COMMENT by on March 24, 2011
thank you !!!!!!!!
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